Biography of Albert Einstein

Biography of Albert Einstein , the story of the becoming world's most intelligent person

Biography of Albert Einstein,the story of the becoming world's most intelligent person

Birth :  He was born on 14 March , 1879 in German Empire (Kingdom of Wurttemberg)
Father name : His father name is Hermann Einstein .

Mother name : His mother name is Pauline Einstein .

Children : Lieserl Einstein 

                 Hans Albert Einstein 
                 Eduard Tete Einstein .

Fields : Physics , Philosophy .

Well Known About : Photoelectric Effect

                                  E=hf ( Planck Einstein                                       Relation )
                                  Special Relativity
                                  General Relativity .

Awards : Nobel Prize in Physics (1921)

               Copley Medal (1925)
               Gold Medal of the Royal                                  Astronomical Society (1926)
               Max Planck Medal (1929)

DiedOn April 18, 1955  scientist Albert Einstein died in New Jersey City (United states of America) at the age of 76.

All about Albert Einstein : When he was born, she had a different thing, so he used to separate him from the normal children because his head was bigger than a normal child and as soon as he started growing up, he could have trouble speaking , and he was almost 4 years old could not speak anything.

One day when he sat down to eat dinner with his parents, he broke his four-year silence saying that the soup was too hot, and his parents were surprised and very happy , In childhood he did not like playing with children of his age and he had created himself in a different world and he always kept thinking about plants and the universe , always in his mind how this planet that it runs.

Einstein's interest in science grew when his father brought him a magnetic compass , and he was delighted to see him, and when the needle of that compass was always in the north direction , he thought that it was Why and how, because of his speaking difficulties, he started delays in going to school and he felt like a prison in school because his teacher was more than just explaining  book knowledge instead of practical things.

So he used to ask questions from his teachers , so that the teachers started to say that he was gloomy person , then he started a teacher asking how he could develop his wisdom then the teacher replied that in one line  "practice is the basic mantra of success"

After that he determined that one day he would show them the most , whenever he did not feel like reading books , he did not leave the book . In a short time , the result of his hard work started coming out , which was surprised by his teachers, he went ahead and chose a complex subject like mathematics , due to the poor economic condition , this thing create a problem in next study , he didn't complete his any condolence.

It is a matter of one thing that one day it was raining heavily and Einstein was hiding his hat and running towards his house and found a gentleman on the way, and asked Einstein , you also have a hat and you why is it kept hide , instead of taking it on head ,  then Einstein said that the head would be dry again, but the hat would become dirty in the wet and said that he neither has the money to buy a new hat nor the time.

Because of his hard work , Einstein gained proficiency in mathematics and physics, his idea of ​​education was that "education is that you remember always even when you've forgotten everything", along with time he became so intelligent that he did some amazing research. Today's world knows him as "Theory of Relativity, E = mc²", due to his amazing discoveries he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921 and In 1952 , the United States also offered Einstein to be Israel's President , but he rejected his proposal by saying that he was not for politics.

Einstein proved that even a person could do anything in the world with his hard work and dedication, so Einstein was so intelligent that he thought fully plan research in his own mind . So on March 14 , his birthday is celebrated as the "Genius day" in the whole world , but Einstein believed that every person born on this planet is Genius , due to the personal activities he had to leave the Germany and started live life in America , where he was invited by the great international scholarship.

But Einstein chose Princeton University because of his quiet and physical environment , when Einstein first arrived in University , one of the officials said that you list the necessary equipment for the experiment so that he can be made available early on .  On this matter, Einstein said with affection that you only give me blackboard , chalk , pencil and papers.

The officer was very amazed at this and Einstein asked him to order a large basket and said that I make many mistakes and that a small basket soon gets filled up with the trash , Einstein was not afraid of errors at all , and he said that the person who never makes a mistake is never thinking of something new.Einstein experimented very differently and his method of experimenting was also very different.

One of the surprising surprises of Einstein was that his memory was not as good as one day employee asked his phone number he started looking a phone number in a dairy and he often forgot some important dates and days. 

Some of the episodes related to this:

The first episode: When Einstein used to work at Princeton University , he sat in a taxi to go home , but he forgot his home address , but the taxi driver knew his home address , so he took her home to Einstein and no money was taken.

Second Episode: Once upon a time, Einstein was traveling in the train to go somewhere else from Princeton and a ticket checker came asking for a ticket from Einstein , but the ticket for Einstein was lost , but the checker believed that he had a ticket . But the checker left for a ticket he started finding ticket here and there , Einstein told him the checker that how would he know where he went?

On April 18, 1955  scientist Albert Einstein died in New Jersey City (United states of America) at the age of 76 . Throughout his lifetime , Einstein published hundreds of books and articles, today we use scientific disciplines in our daily lives.  In all of that, Einstein has a tremendous amount of work, even today his discoveries made possible with his given theories.

Einstein was most hurt when his discoveries led to the discovery of a nuclear bomb, which destroyed cities like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

                        " A Person Who Never Made A Mistake Never Tried Anything New ."
                               ..............Albert Einstein

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