Biography of Bill Gates

Biography of Bill Gates , the success story of world' richest businessman Bill Gates

Biography of Bill Gates , the success story of world' richest businessman Bill Gates
Birth : Bill Gates was born on October 28 , 1955 in Seattle ,Washington , The United states of America .

Full name: His full name is William Henry Gates .

Father name: His father name is William Henry Gates Sr.

Mother name: His mother name is Marry Maxwell Gates.

Wife name : Melinda Gates

School : Leakside School (Seattle)

University : Harvard University

All about Bill Gates :  When he grew up his parents admitted him in a Leakside School , this school was very famous at that time , He was very brilliant student in school , He used to read the encyclopaedia along with the beautiful books of library.

In the year1969 , Bill Gates started his high school , this was that time when a first human being went to on moon and it's done due to the computer.

A company named Seattle gave their computers to the school for student learning but Bill Gates was already interested in computer , soon the interest of Bill Gates increased in computer , he always wanted to how to computer work , so he spent his more time in computer classes , one day he met with a Paul Aallen who was two year elder than him although the view of both of them did not match with each other , but both of them because of their connotations they became good friends.

No one had thought that it would change the world one day, In the 1970 Bill Gates when he was only 15 years old he created a program with the help of Paul Aallen that's name Traf-O-Data which measured the traffic vendor in Seattle and for this achievement they got $20,000 as a reward , during that Bill Gates also entered in the world of technology.

In the 1972 , when bill gates was only 17 years old , Paul Aallen and Bill Gates had started to think about opening his company but Bill's father did not agree and when Bill ended his high school and left it to go to College for higher study because Bill's father a lawyer and they want to Bill's also learnt the law .
In the 1973 Bill ended his high school and he got 1590/1600 in exam and this thing became his very brilliant and Bill's parents was very happy on this moment .

His parents admitted his Harvard University where he learnt about law but his dream was very different , he try to make his career in law but he was not found any subject of law which was related to a computer so he spent his more time in Harvard computer lab.

In December 1974 , Allen received a popular electronic magazine and on the cover page of this magazine the announcement was made the world's first mini computer "ALTAIR 8800", after hearing the news , Allen went to  Bill Gates and told him everything and they were happy because they knew that if this computer was built then it would be easier for people to work , "ALTAIR 8800", was created by Ed Roberts Company in New Mexico , Henry Edward Roberts was the one that was running this company.  But he was found a such man which could create a software that can run on this computer.

It was a great opportunity for Bill or Allen to shine their destiny , so they talked to this company and declared that they were working on a software that would run the "ALTAIR "computer,  after that they hard work and created a software within two months in Harvard Computer Lab.
In February 1975 Allen took that software to check and when the software was found in ALTAIR , he began to do it, it was the best time of his life.

After this, in 1975, Bill gates established the Microsoft Company with the help of Paul Aallen and work with Ed Roberts Company, after that the computer consumption became so intense that the Bill Gates left its education in the middle.

Initially , both of them had to endure a lot of obstacles because people bought computers but used to distribute the software with each other, people had no interest in spending money.
In February ,1976 Bill wrote a letter in which he wrote that using a software without purchasing any software has to be stopped before it becomes a new software but people have no effect.

But due to the the Bill Gates efforts or hard work company's growth significantly like companies Apple , Intel and later Microsoft expanded the new software into different languages ​​and started selling its products to different companies . Sales of this software went up by more than 1 million by the end of 1978. From 1978 to 1981, the company saw very rapid growth and the number of employees increased from 13 to 128.

In November 1980, a Microsoft company came up with a chance that changed the fortunes, because the world's largest IBM company had demand to Microsoft for new software for its special computer , Bill and Allen created a software called MS Dos for IBM.  And IBM wanted to buy this software for $ 50,000 but the brilliant bill gates refused this , because he wanted all money in which this software had run , so IBM the license fee was to be given to the company.
Bill Gates became President of Microsoft Company in 1981 and Paul Allen beacame vice president. The turnover of the incoming Microsoft company coming in 1983 increased from 4 million to 16 million , and 30% of the computers in the world were running with Microsoft software in the computers.

In 1983 , there was a growing demand for software manufactured by Bill Gates and Allen , on the other hand , Allen became a disease , whereas in the category of cancer , this disease did not allow him to participate in the company's work.  And later he left Microsoft , during which time their friendship ended.

In 1985, the Bill's company sales of $ 140 million (888 crore) . In 1986, for the first time, Bill introduced a new piece of Microsoft Windows in the market , which could easily access any computer with the mouse , during which he kept 40% of the total stock with which he was 31 years old  within itself became billionaires.

  On May 22 , 1990, the Bill Gates introduced a new software Microsoft window 3.0, as well as reduced the cost of the software , while IBM's OS / 2 software failed , and Microsoft Windows became the most marketable.

On January 1, 1994 at the age of 37, Bill married her 28-year-old Melinda French, who was working in the company, but her mother died of cancer a few months later on 10 June , 1994. Year 1995 was great for Microsoft because this year the Bill Gates introduced the new software window 95.

At the age of 42 , Bill Gates became the richest person in the United States.He had a wealth of $ 50 billion and has now increased to $ 90 billion today .The operating system used in computers is more than 80% of the world's operating system that Microsoft has built and today the Bill Gates is the richest person in the world.

In 2014, Bill moved from the position of Chairman and appointed Satya Nadella as the CEO of the company which is an Indian, today the Bill runs the "Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation", together with his wife
And do good deeds throughout the world.

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