Biography of Michael Jackson

Biography of Michael Jackson , the success story of King of Pop   
Biography of Michael Jackson , the success story of King of Pop
Full name : Micheal Joseph Jackson ( King of Pop )

Others name : Micheal Joe Jackson

Born : He was born on August 29 , 1958 in Gary (United states)

Father name : Joe Jackson

Mother name : Katherine Jackson

Occupation : Singer


All about Michael Jackson : Although now Michael is not in this world but he still lives in the hearts of his fans, and it can be estimated from the fact that after a few years of his death, he was the highest earner celebrity in the Forbes List.

His father used to work in the U.S. Steel Company and the guitar was also playing in the small band named Falcon Band for money and Michael's mother liked the music and she encouraged her kids to learn music from the beginning.

Later In 1964 , he joined the Jackson Brother Band created by his brothers and at that time he was only 5 years old , due to Michael Jackson's joined the band , Jackson Brother changed his name to Jackson 5, after that  Jackson performs in many clubs with his brothers.

In 1968, Michael Brother's signed the contract with Motown Records, when his entire family had to join Los Angles.

In the next year In 1969, Motown Records released his first album Diana Ross Presents "The Jackson 5" all the songs of this album received best response from their audience, Michael was only 11 years old at that time.

In 1970, Jackson released the album ABC with Motown Records and the song of this album "I Want You Back " was hit as soon as it was released, and within a week, the song went to the first position in the Billboard Hot 100, after that Michael Jackson becoming very popular and Jackson's family began to receive a huge amount of money, and in 1971 his family has had settled in California for enjoying better life .

In 1972-1975, Micheal released 4 Solo albums in collaboration with Motown,  in which "Got to be there" song on January 24,1972 and "Ben Song" was released on August 4, 1972 became very popular around the world , In 1979, Michael made his first appearance with Epic Records  Solo album "Off the Wall", which sold 7 million copies, Michael's biggest breakthrough came with the release of the Epic Records with Thriller Album, which won Michael 7 Grammy Awards and 8 American Music Awards and this album breaking all the records and began the best and popular album of that time , this album sold 65 million copies and he was given the position of the Double Diamond and after that he never looked back.

Personal life: He married 2 times in his life, for the first time, he married Lisa Marie in 1994, but this life did not last for long and he took a divorce in 1996 and in 1997 he married his friend Debbie Rowe and in 1997  Then they had 2 children
Michael Joseph Jackson JR. and
Paris Jackson

This relation did not last too long and in 1999 they separated from each other and after that they resorted to Plastic Surgery to improve their look, with which he constantly changed her look.

In March 2011, Michael Jackson announced that it will consult at least 10 times in the 02 Arena in London and this will be his last consults but unfortunately on June 25, 2009 he was died due to heart attack in his home in Los Angles. 

Prizes won by Michael Jackson :
39 Guinness World Records
13 Grammy Awards
Grammy Life Team Achievement Award
26 American Music Awards
18 World Music Awards
His annual earning was $10 million

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